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The Pinnacle Project, LLC was formed to build intergenerational, sustainable, mixed-income homes, using clustered neighborhood design as co-housing. We haven’t been able to build those homes because Lyme’s zoning does not, at least yet, support this type of home building. Our silver lining was finding the community that is Loch Lyme Lodge - the guests who return generation after generation. We operate the Lodge as a Bed & Breakfast and Wedding Venue while continuing to work toward building co-housing on our land. 


Some people are buying cabins in the Loch Lyme Lodge and Cabins Condominium. Memberships and Cabin Ownership will allow Pinnacle to protect and improve what we have.

Loch Lyme Lodge will, of course, continue to be open as a bed and breakfast and wedding venue, while Members and Cabin Owners get discounts and first dibs on reservations.


Cabin Owners own their cabin, share in profits from their cabin’s rentals, and avoid the hassle of opening and closing the cabins, maintaining the property, etc. We all will benefit from Pinnacle's upgrades including electric/water/septic and making the barn a marvelous place to play music, hang out, and even do your laundry when you’re here.

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