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2017 Staff Loch Lyme Lodge Bed and Breakfast/Wedding Venue

Employment Opportunities

Each summer, Loch Lyme Lodge hires several international students and a number of employees from surrounding towns. We are a cabin-based hospitality business nestled in the hills of northern New Hampshire, just 10 miles from the prestigious Dartmouth College and a short drive from either the Green Mountains of Vermont, or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This is truly one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Most of our guests come from big cities and hectic lives to spend a week or two with their family in a peaceful environment where they can unwind, soak up the sun, swim with their children, play tennis or ride bikes, pick fresh blueberries or strawberries, build a campfire to roast marshmallows and generally enjoy their vacation.

We are looking for:

  • Students who are excited to meet new people and accept the challenges of working in a resort environment with opportunities to explore the region.

  • Students who already know the English language but would welcome the opportunity to improve while interacting with co-workers and guests.

  • Students that have a good work ethic and that can demonstrate that with each task given, from cleaning and preparing cabins for a new family or picking vegetables from the organic gardens for the lunch menu.

We hope you will benefit from our "family" type atmosphere where everyone is included. We arrange day trips to hiking trails or shopping malls for entertainment, as well as movies in town and occasional impromptu concerts in the barn. If you sing or play an instrument, we encourage you to bring it! If you are a camera person you will be in heaven as the scenery here is truly beautiful. We also have high speed internet so it's easy to stay connected to loved ones and stream your favorite programs.

Loch Lyme Lodge Bed & Breakfast and wedding venue is a great place to work, but it is not for everyone. Please consider us, but please remember:

  • Lyme is a rural community: there are no bars and clubs nearby

  • We generally do not have overtime hours (although they may be available during busy times)

  • We expect you to honor your signed contract

  • We provide free housing while under contract with the Loch Lyme Lodge

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Join Our Team!

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