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Who We Are

In the mid 1990’s, a group of folks who met through their children’s day care had dinner together. We shared a vision of an community where we could live near each other, garden together, continue preparing meals together, and watch each other's families grow. We kept getting together, reached out to friends, and started looking for land that met our shared criteria:

  • on a paved road

  • within easy driving distance of a great hospital

  • quality education

  • either waterfront or great views

In 2006, we found a property that matched our criteria and purchased the land that is home to Loch Lyme Lodge along with the hospitality business. We plan to continue operating the hospitality business as we build intergenerational, sustainable , mixed-income homes, based on a cohousing model with clustered neighborhood design. We still plan to build those homes, ideally with an assisted living component, but Lyme’s zoning does not permit this type of home building yet. If you think you might be interested in learning more about cohousing in general, or helping to develop more energy efficient, less expensive homes with us, please get in touch.

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Pinnacle is a membership group created to preserve the land, buildings, gardens, and waterfront at Loch Lyme Lodge, and to support cohousing development. Loch Lyme Lodge, Inc. owns the land and cabins not yet sold, and all members are shareholders in Loch Lyme Lodge, Inc.


We value flexibility, the benefits of working cooperatively, and a willingness to contribute time and energy to the community as people’s interests and schedules allow. A sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at oneself is important. Members do not have to be each other’s best friends, but they do have to be supportive of community among neighbors.

Pinnacle is currently comprised of 29 adults. Some of us have young children, while others have adult children and grandchildren. We work (or are retired from) many occupations, from law to theater, from science and medicine/health care to computers, from linguists to teaching, from art to development. Some live here in the Upper Connecticut River Valley and some live farther away, in Massachusetts, Kansas, Maryland, and California.

Our members are passionate about many things: community and gardening, nature and (grand)parenting, democracy and sustainability,  reading by the pond and creating in all mediums - wood, clay, metal, music, and food. When we are able to build homes, we anticipate having both our own pets and farm animals.

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Although we can’t yet live here yet, Loch Lyme Lodge shareholders enjoy spending time in this beautiful place, whether walking or skiing the Carriage Trail, staying in a cabin, gardening, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming, or just reading in the shade. We host occasional meals together, sometimes as potlucks and sometimes prepared by the Lodge Chef. In the summer, you can find us eating ice cream from the kitchen window, listening to or making music around the fire by the pond, and spending a summer evening with family, friends, and Lodge guests - a lovely community.

We invite you to read the Spirit Behind Pinnacle and our Vision Statement which express our shared goals. If you think you might be interested in becoming a member, please get in touch.

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