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Let Loch Lyme Lodge become your forever place - one your family can return to for generations to come!

Loch Lyme Lodge is a century old cabin-based hospitality business on the shores of 114-acre Post Pond in Lyme, NH. It is owned and operated by Loch Lyme Lodge, Inc., a membership group that owns three abutting parcels, totaling 115 acres of land and buildings including the Lodge, the Barn, and all cabins. We are seeking new members and selling cabins. When you become a member, you join the group of friends and long-time Lodge guests who are members now.

Loch Lyme Lodge will, of course, continue to be open to the public, in its capacity as a hospitality business, as a bed and breakfast and wedding/event venue.

In addition to all of the member benefits, cabin owners also:

  • have a specific cabin that belongs to them

  • share in both the costs of operating the Lodge and in the profits from their cabin’s rentals

  • avoid the hassle of opening and closing the cabins and maintaining the property

  • benefit from any increase in value to their cabin at time of sale

If cabin owners decide to make their cabin a four-season property, their cabin is theirs to enjoy in the colder months, and they retain all profits from off-season usage, should they choose to rent the cabin out.

Cabin owners are part of the Loch Lyme Lodge Cabin Owners Association, which selects several owners to serve on the Loch Lyme Lodge Board. All members have some level of role in running Loch Lyme Lodge, Inc. from attending shareholder meetings, to participating in workdays, to becoming a member of a management team.

Cabin owners own both their cabin and an undivided share of the 12 acres that are the home of Loch Lyme Lodge. The Lodge’s elected managers work with our innkeepers to run the business while grounds and cabins are maintained by our staff with help from seasonal hires.

Memberships and cabin sales allow us to protect the land, preserve and improve our historic farmhouse and barn, and modernize the infrastructure. Both members and guests will benefit from the upgrades we're making, which include upgrading our electric/water/septic and making the barn a marvelous place to play music, hang out, and even do your laundry when you’re staying here.

LLL Grounds-8-Garden tennis court.jpg

The Lodge’s 21 rustic cabins, which range in size from one to four bedrooms, are all close enough to Post Pond for kids to run back for a forgotten book or toy. All cabins have porches, sitting rooms, and bathrooms with showers; some have kitchens or kitchenettes; our cabins are rustic and charming, but some modernization is necessary. We are in the midst of improvements that mean all cabins will have updated electricity, septic and water, together with insulation and other upgrades, to make the cabins cozy from May to October.


There are 18 cabins and one cabin “footprint” on the 12-acre lodge side parcel we structured as a cabin condominium. Five have already been sold and 13 plus the "footprint" range in price from $110,000 to $215,000. There are also three cabins on the Pond Side, two of which we may also sell. 


Each cabin's sale price includes a budget for improvements to make it comfortable in three seasons. Lodge managers and members work with owners to help complete upgrades.

Cabin owners share in both the costs of operating the Lodge and in the profits from their cabin’s rentals. What does this mean in practice?


To operate Loch Lyme Lodge effectively, we must pay the innkeepers and staff, maintain the grounds and buildings, pay insurance and property taxes, protect the waterfront, and provide services for guests. Each cabin is responsible for paying its share of these operating costs.

Historically cabin rental revenue has been about equal to the costs of operating the business, but as we increase revenue from event rentals in the shoulder seasons (spring and fall weddings, retreats, etc.) we project that cabin rental revenue will, after a transition period, exceed each cabin’s operational share. As a result, cabin owners will, depending on their own use of their cabin, either generate modest income from their cabin ownership or owe Loch Lyme Lodge the shortfall on their operational share.

We’d love to tell you more. You can see pictures of the cabins here


Contact us for a complete list of available cabins with prices as well as more detailed information about the way profit sharing works.

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